Radio Shows

Hey!!! Sorry it’s taken so long to get some of these up. (You wouldn’t want to hear my first few shows anyway 😉 I had quite a time finding out how to download them from the radio station, and then finding a site to host them took a minute too. (Thanks Katie) I hope you all enjoy, and get a kick out of how corny these shows are. Some stuff is planned, and most of it is off the cuff. Remember, I’m a freshman in the realm of mass broadcasting, so let me grow a little. Mostly the point is to draw comparisons between American and Japanese cultures and help Japanese people learn English. Also, I get to share some amazing music from independent and emerging musicians that I know. Let me know what you all like! Love you guys!

TomTom’s American Music 7/14/2011
TomTom and Andy’s Sunday Radio (2nd show)
TomTom’s American Music 7/21/11 (Featuring Heidi Rojas!) (click forward to 32:30 to hear Heidi’s music and interview)

TomTom’s American Music 7/28/11 (Feat. and the Neon Panthers) (click forward to 35:40 to hear’s music and interview)


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